About Us

Transform Academic Breakthroughs and U.S. Government Research into Commercial Products

Based in Boston and listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: ALM), Allied Minds plc is an IP commercialisation company focused on technology and life sciences. With extensive access to U.S. federal government laboratories and universities, as well as partnerships with leading U.S. corporations, Allied Minds forms, funds, and operates a portfolio of companies with the objective of delivering successful liquidity events that will generate attractive long-term returns for its investors and stakeholders. Allied Minds supports its businesses with capital, resources, and expertise.

Company Snapshot

Investment philosophy

We invest in innovative technologies that have the potential to disrupt large and growing markets. Typically we will option a license over a target technology, performing diligence on the science, IP situation, and commercialisation potential, before deciding whether to exercise the option and release seed investment funds. We tend to finance the seed round 100% in-house. And then to look for opportunities to syndicate our investment from Series A and beyond, with a particular focus on strategic investors who can provide validation and offer the potential to accelerate or de-risk the path to commercialisation. We are owner-operators, aiming in general to retain majority ownership until at least Series B, and providing management and capital resource, expertise and share service support.

Existing portfolio

Our existing portfolio comprises 12 active portfolio companies in the technology and life sciences sectors, and 2 platform companies: Allied Minds Federal Innovations (the parent company for our investments based on technology sourced from federally funded laboratories, and the party to our agreement with the MITRE Corporation); and Foreland Technologies (a holding company for our subsidiaries focused on cyber security). Our top 6 portfolio companies:

  • Federated Wireless. Spectrum sharing detection and software technology. In September 2017 raised $42m from Charter Communications; American Tower; Arris and GIC among others
  • Spin Transfer technologies. ST MRAM – next generation high speed and endurance computer memory targeting replacement of SRAM and DRAM ($40bn + annual markets)
  • SciFluor Life Sciences. Drug development using fluorination. Phase I/II trials pending for eye droplet targeting existing monthly injectable drugs for treatment of AMD/DME ($8bn + markets)
  • Precision Biopsy. Real time prostate tissue classification using optical technology, allowing for more targeted pathology and reduced waste and anxiety, and focal therapy treatment
  • HawkEye 360. Global Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring via Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, with multiple governmental and commercial applications
  • BridgeSat. Optical data downlinking and ground network to meet accelerating demand for high-bandwidth, frequent, cost-effective satellite download capabilities

Recent restructuring and strategic priorities

In April 2017 we carried out a restructuring leading to discontinuation of funding at several subsidiaries, with the objective of reallocating and focusing capital and management resource on our top 6 most promising subsidiaries and pipeline. Following the restructuring we are focused on execution against 3 key strategic priorities:

  • Transition to thematic investing, leveraging expertise around core theses or sub-sectors, eg Space 2.0 and spectrum
  • Enhanced governance and accountability: upgrading to highest calibre of leadership, with clear accountability for delivery of explicit commercialisation milestones, supported by high quality Boards and Advisory Boards
  • Strategic syndication: earlier and broader external syndication of our investments, in particular to strategic investors


Our cross-disciplinary team hails from industry, academia, and government, and uniquely combines a deep understanding of the early-stage innovation ecosystem and technology transfer, proven scientific and technical expertise, and decades of operational experience in technology-driven, high-growth companies.