Working With Us

Our Approach

Transforming new discoveries and technologies into commercial successes requires more than just capital. It takes entrepreneurialism, creativity, perseverance, discipline, leadership, and teamwork. Allied Minds equips each new venture with experienced management and access to a comprehensive suite of shared services. Scientific founders usually participate in technology transfer efforts and may join the startup as technical leadership.

Partner With Us

Are you affiliated with a corporate, university, or federal lab or innovation group? Let’s discuss how we can build next-generation ventures together.

We are actively seeking game-changing opportunities that:

  • Originate from world-class scientific and engineering research
  • Are supported by collaborative investigators willing to participate in the technology development process
  • Can achieve a commercial value inflection point within 2 to 5 years of new venture launch
  • Enjoy a strong technical foundation, supported by IP (patent, copyrights, and/or know-how)
  • Have strong potential to compete in significant markets with a first-in-class or best-in-class solution driven by a unique value proposition