ProGDerm is a new business venture created by Allied Minds and based on technology created at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It is centered on new understanding into modulating Receptors for Hyaluronan Mediated Motility (RHAMM) protein.

The research lead by Doctors Eva Turley and Mina Bissell aims to develop a technology to induce the controlled generation of fat cells to replace those lost in the aging process. Doctors Bissell and Turley have been researching the regulation of cell motility as it relates to the spread of cancer for more than 20 years. Serendipitously, they discovered that regulating the RHAMM protein increases deposition of subcutaneous fat while decreasing unhealthy visceral fat.

The technology could potentially replace the now commonly used artificial dermal fillers used to alleviate age related wrinkles. Modulating RHAMM proteins represents a natural process that has the potential to actually induce controllable re-growth of the patient’s own subcutaneous fat in targeted areas to help restore a youthful appearance without artificial dermal fillers.

Dr. Mina Bissell - Ted Talks


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