The advent of mobile computing is revolutionizing the existing IT paradigm, but not without introducing a new breed of difficult problems for government, healthcare, and the corporate enterprise to consider, manage, and remediate. Optio Labs, LLC has been established by Allied Minds to create potentially transformative mobile technologies that solve these difficult problems. The firm’s flagship product is a combined offering of Ghostbox-enabled OptioCore and Optio MDM, collectively, a mobile device management security solution offering highly tuned control over the flow of data and execution of logic on a mobile device, enabling an order of magnitude greater control over device functionality and data provenance. Highlights of OptioCore include: 

Context-aware & policy-based control over 1,000+ Android features.

          Operate as an independent MDM or integrate with other application level MDM solutions.                

          Instant secure containers for any application without need to rewrite application for custom secure container APIs.

      Blocks all known Android malware variants including Rage against the Cage and other root exploits.

      Can be added to Android and ported across Android versions with simple modifications to the platform Secure auditing & reporting of all device, user & application actions down to individual application interactions.

OptioCore is context enabled with the GhostBox overlay, providing secure authentication and data management based upon both proximity and time. For example, using the OptioCore with GhostBox overlay, a doctor can walk into a patient's room, ∙automatically receive access to the patient's medical record via proximity authentication, have the medical record secured on the device via OptioCore policies, and then automatically wipe the record from the device when the doctor leaves the room's vicinity. This temporal and proximity-based contextual enablement is distinctly unique to the OptioCore/Ghostbox solution and provides considerable differentiation within a competitive market environment.

Optio Labs is envisioned as a long-term development engine for the discovery, incubation, and commercialization of disruptive mobile technologies with Ghostbox-enabled OptioCore and Optio MDM serving as the firm’s first product offering.



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