Cephalogics is developing a noninvasive portable imaging system to provide clinicians with valuable measures of cerebral perfusion status in brain injured patients.  Undetected perfusion deficits lead to ischemia and severe adverse outcomes.  The Cephalogics system detects perfusion deficits and alerts the clinician so they can intervene early to avoid ischemia.  Primary and secondary markets of interest are Neurocritical care units and Emergency Departments.  The Cephalogics system would be used to identify perfusion deficits and facilitate early intervention to avoid the adverse outcomes associated with ischemia. 

Cephalogics’ technology is the result of a partnership between Allied Minds and Dr. Joseph P. Culver at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Culver is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology and a diffuse optical tomography expert.


The Cephalogics system utilizes Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) technology to provide non-invasive, bedside imaging of multiple cerebral vascular regions.  Each sensor consists of innovative, compact, high-density arrays using NIR light sources and detectors to provide hundreds of simultaneous spatial measurements. These measurements are processed in real time by proprietary algorithms to produce spatial maps of cerebral tissue oxygen saturation and other perfusion measures.   This allows clinicians to “see” the brain through hair, skin and skull.   The compact, convenient and portable design makes the Cephalogics system easy to use in a variety of care settings.  Animal and human testing has yielded impressive results and demonstrated the performance of the technology. 

Future Goals

Initial commercialization efforts will focus on brain-injured patients.  Primary and secondary markets include Neurocritical care and Emergency Departments where the device would be used to identify perfusion deficits and enable early interventions to avoid ischemia in the millions of patients with injured brains.  Additional markets of interest include ambulance and cardiac surgery.



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