Our Subsidiaries

We're driven by opportunity and the transformative nature of technology. Our holdings are multi-sector. Non-chemical disinfectants. Audio therapy for tinnitus. Next generation computer memory. Therapeutic devices. Nano-scale fuel cells.

The common thread among our investments: The ability to transform leading-edge research into commercial success. But it takes more than the promise of innovation to earn a place as an Allied Minds subsidiary. Every one of our investments also has an attractive risk-return profile, a deliverable timeline and potential products that will be groundbreaking in their respective fields.

  • Allied-Bristol Life Sciences

    Allied-Bristol Life Sciences LLC is a first-of-its-kind joint venture between Allied Minds and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. that aims to deliver the important biotech products of tomorrow.

  • AMFI

    Developing and commercializing transformative breed technology from U.S. federal research institutions.

  • Biotectix

    Biotectix is the leading provider of conducting polymer medical materials.

  • BridgeSat

    BridgeSat, Inc. is commercializing the next generation of optical transmission capabilities to enable low latency, high throughput transmission of Low Earth Orbit-originated data to terrestrial ground control stations.

  • Cephalogics

    Cephalogics is developing noninvasive, bedside brain monitor to improve outcomes in patients with neurological injury while reducing costs and hospital stays.

  • CryoXtract

    CryoXtract offers a suite of automated product solutions that allow the worldwide scientific community to access/r-access valuable frozen biosamples without exposing them to damaging freeze/thaw cycles.

  • Federated Wireless

    Developing critical enabling technologies for the next-generation of wireless communications by improving supply, demand, and delivery of spectrum for future cellular communications.

  • Foreland Technologies

    Foreland Technologies is a cyber security platform company for the discovery, incubation and commercialization of emerging technologies.

  • HawkEye 360

    HawkEye 360 uses a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit to generate reports on wireless signals that can be used to track and monitor global transportation networks and assist with emergencies.

  • LuxCath

    LuxCath is developing a catheter based real-time tissue and lesion visualization technology for use during cardiac ablation procedures.

  • Novare Pharmaceuticals

    Novare Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapeutic products that help the body replenish and rebuild itself using its own tissue.

  • Optio Labs

    Optio Labs develops mobile security technologies for today’s evolving cyber operating environment.

  • Percipient Networks

    Percipient’s mission is to help secure your business and prepare you to respond to security threats.

  • Precision Biopsy

    Precision Biopsy is developing a novel medical device platform to provide real-time optical pathology of normal tissue and to minimize unnecessary tissue coring, pathology costs, and patient anxiety.

  • RF Biocidics

    RF Biocidics seeks to make food safe from insects and pathogens through a process that does not use chemicals, is organic, and does not alter sensory or nutritional characteristics.

  • SciFluor

    SciFluor Life Sciences is a drug discovery company applying expertise in fluorine chemistry to create a portfolio of differentiated best-in-class therapeutics.

  • Seamless Devices

    Seamless Devices is commercializing novel switched mode signal processing IP that taps into the scale advantages of increasingly faster CMOS.

  • SiEnergy Systems

    SiEnergy Systems is developing thin film low temperature SOFC that brings efficient, and affordable clean energy systems for broad application.

  • SoundCure

    SoundCure has developed an FDA-Cleared consumer medical technology offering breakthrough, customized sound therapy and complete tinnitus care to the 16% of adults in the U.S. that suffers from this often debilitating condition.

  • Spin Transfer Tech

    Developing a MRAM computer memory that has demonstrated superior performance over other memories and is seeking to become the first universal memory technology in the $70 billion computer memory market.

  • Whitewood Encryption Systems

    Whitewood Encryption Systems Inc. builds next-generation systems of data encryption that leverage advanced cryptography technologies emerging from U.S. centers of research excellence.

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