University Partners

Relationships are the key to our success. Working with our affiliated universities and scientists, Allied Minds has direct access to transformative technologies. We review research from 33 leading universities that allow us to tap into pioneering work being conducted all over the country.


We form strong relationships with both the university scientists and university technology transfer offices to create an environment for developing leading-edge technology. Because we keep our research on campus and share equity with our partners, we're able to align everyone toward the same goal: commercial success. And while Allied Minds holds universities to the high standards of efficiency, we don’t impose arbitrary fixed timelines on our partners, we give them time to prove out the technology and make it company ready. We realize this flexibility can sometimes make the difference between a good concept and a radical innovation. 

Central West
Boston University University of Arkansas for Medical Science   Arizona State University
Brown University University of Michigan Colorado State University
Columbia University University of Missouri University of New Mexico
Cornell University University of Nebraska Lincoln UC Berkeley
George Washington University   University of Nebraska Medical Center UC Davis
Harvard University Washington University in St. Louis UC Irvine
NYU Vanderbilt University UC San Diego
Penn State University Wayne State University UC San Francisco
Tufts University
UMass Lowell   University of Colorado
University of Florida   University of Washington
Virginia Tech    
Worcester Polytechnic Institute