Spin Transfer Technologies Names New General Manager


Boston, Massachusetts – Spin Transfer Technologies announced today that Steven H. Cliadakis has joined the company as General Manager. Mr. Cliadakis comes to Spin Transfer Technologies with over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor, computer memory, software, and telecommunications industries. He has extensive experience with semiconductor IP, DRAM, non-volatile memory, and spin transfer MRAM. His functional expertise includes strategic partnership development, business development, sales, marketing, and strategy.

Mr. Cliadakis' breadth of skills and experience in the computer memory business is a timely complement to the STT team," says Dr. Vincent Chun, Vice President at Allied Minds, the parent company of Spin Transfer Technologies. With the technical team having made significant strides in proving out the technology and with the growing interest by other groups in our orthogonal spin transfer approach, Steve will play a critical role in taking the company through the next stages of development and commercialization.” 

Prior to his appointment at Spin Transfer Technologies, Mr. Cliadakis was Managing Director at Silicon Impact, a consultancy in business development, sales, marketing, and strategy services for semiconductor, memory, and software clients, acting as the clients’ CEO or Vice President of Business Development. He was previously at Sidense Corporation as Vice President, responsible for worldwide sales, foundry alliances, and marketing. Mr. Cliadakis completed a Bachelor of Engineering at State University of New York at Stony Brook and a Master of Business Administration at Adelphi University. 

“Spin Transfer Technologies’ orthogonal spin transfer approach to MRAM is unique and distinctly advantaged over other switching strategies,” noted Mr. Cliadakis. “The favorable performance and cost characteristics of this non-volatile memory technology will address a broad range of high-volume market applications. I am excited to be leading this highly talented team in advancing and commercializing the technology.” 

About Spin Transfer Technologies
Spin Transfer Technologies, LLC was established by Allied Minds and New York University to develop and commercialize its orthogonal spin transfer magnetoresistive random access memory technology, OST-MRAMTM. The technology was originally developed from the nano-magnetism research conducted in the laboratory of Professor Andrew Kent. Orthogonal spin transfer allows magnetic vector switching that is much faster than in parallel or perpendicular spin transfer approaches. This discovery has enormous implications for the development of spin transfer MRAM devices, including faster switching times, lower power operation and scalability to smaller dimensions.

For more information, contact:
Steven Cliadakis, General Manager
Spin Transfer Technologies LLC, an Allied Minds company 

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