AMFI Portfolio


BridgeSat, Inc. is commercializing the next
generation of optical transmission capabilities to
enable low latency, high throughput transmission
of Low Earth Orbit-originated data to terrestrial
ground control stations.
Federated Wireless is developing critical enabling

technologies for the next-generation of wireless 
communications by seeking to improve, supply
and delivery of spectrum for future 
cellular communications.

Foreland Technologies is a cyber security
platform company which aims to discover incubate
and commercialize emerging technologies.

Percipient Networks is developing next generation
security technologies for enterprise
network defense.


Whitewood Encryption Systems Inc. builds
next-generation systems of data encryption that
leverage advanced cryptography technologies
emerging from U.S. centers of research excellence.

  Broadcast Routing Fountains is building a novel
Internet architecture that seeks to efficiently
and securely leverages broadcast channels for
disseminating routing information.