AMFI Partners

Forming Public-Private Partnerships to Harness Innovation.

We've formed extensive relationships with 34 federal research institutions to create an environment for commercializing leading-edge technologies while offering value to both the commercial market and the federal government. Benefits to partners include access to private capital for technology development, delivery of value-added commercialization expertise, exposure to relevant strategic partners, and implementation of AMFI's investment model to create startups from excellent dual-use technologies.

 AMFI Public-Private Partnerships

 Aerospace Corporation  MITRE - Center for Enterprise Modernization
 Air Force Research Laboratory Armament Laboratory (Air Force)
 MITRE - National Security Engineering Center
 Air Force Research Laboratory Avionics Laboratory (Air Force)  MITRE - Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
 Air Force Research Laboratory Electronics Laboratory (Air Force)
 MITRE - Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
 Air Force Research Laboratory Flight Dynamics Laboratory (Air Force)
 MITRE - Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute
 Air Force Research Laboratory - Information Directorate (Air Force)
 MITRE - Judiciary Engineering and Modernization Center
 Air Force Research Laboratory Material Laboratory (Air Force)
 MITRE - National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
 Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Command (Army)
 Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Command (Army)
 Air Force Research Laboratory Propulsion and Power Laboratory (Air Force)
 Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division - China Lake (Navy)
 Armament Research, Development and Engineering Command (Army)
 Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division - Point Mugu (Navy)
 Army Research Laboratories
 Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane Division (Navy)
 Communications and Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Command (Army)
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory (DOE)
 Draper Laboratory 
 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE)
 Edgewater Chemical and Biological Center (Army)
 Research, Development and Engineering Command (Army)
 Georgia Tech Research Institute
 Sandia National Laboratories (DOE)
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (DOE)
 Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Command (Army)
 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (DOE)

 Los Alamos National Laboratories (DOE)


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