About Us Old

Allied Minds has been at the forefront of commercializing early stage innovation since 2006.

Company Snapshot


Our cross-disciplinary team, hailing from industry, academia, and government, has a deep understanding of the early-stage innovation ecosystem, a unique combination of scientific and technical expertise, and decades of operational experience in technology-driven, high-growth companies.


We are headquartered in Boston, with a presence in Los Angeles and New York as well. Our companies are located across the country, co-located with the talent and facilities they need to grow and thrive.


We are the premier, early stage venture firm focused on disruptive and game-changing life sciences and high-tech opportunities emerging from U.S. university and federal lab research.


To-date, we’ve raised over $500M in capital, included $212M from our June 2014 IPO. Our largest investors are experienced institutional investors who have backed Allied Minds since our inception.


We generally serve as the lead investor, and almost all of our companies start out with a seed investment. On occasion, we may sponsor a proof of concept or killer experiment in the university (SRA) or federal lab (CRADA) prior to making an investment.

Size of Investments

Our seed investments range between $250,000 and $1 million, and our Series A investments between $5M and $30M. For larger Series A and follow-on rounds, we generally will assemble a syndicate with our institutional investors, corporate venture partners, and other leading venture capital groups.

Active Portfolio

We currently manage a robust portfolio of over 20 game-changing companies.