• Our Mission

    Transforming U.S.
    Invention into Innovation.

  • Research & Innovation

    The U.S. is an innovation powerhouse and its universities and research institutions are vital sources of global innovation.

    Some key examples of U.S. innovation:

    Pacemakers, Recombinant DNA, MRIs, LCDs, Gatorade, Cochlear implants, Nicotine patch, WiFi, Holograms, Cancer tests, Google search engine

    Turning research discovery into a useful product, however, requires significant investment and further development.

    Allied Minds seeks to source the next generation of innovative technologies and commercialize basic research discovery into transformative products that directly impact and improve human health and well-being, shape our world, improve the quality of life and add value to the world economy.

    Note: Allied Minds has no positions in the companies mentioned above.

  • What We Look For

    Our portfolio includes investments in both life and physical sciences that show potential to go to market within 2-5 years to bring innovation to help solve critical challenges. Although we are not industry specific, we get excited about technologies and opportunities that:

        • ~ Offer clearly definable products/services addressing critical, major unmet needs
        • ~ Demonstrate significant technology advantages
        • ~ Enjoy strong technical and IP foundation
        • ~ Show potential to go to market within 2-5 years (therefore, we do not invest in therapeutics)
        • ~ Come from collaborative and entrepreneurial Principal Investigators
        • ~ Originate from a U.S. university or federally funded research institution

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